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UK Sniffer Dogs Course

Scent detection training is widely used across the world for working and operational services. Our amazing dogs have been used to search for drugs, bombs, firearms, cash, contraband, missing people and human remains. Even more amazing, in recent years dogs are being used for assistance purposes: Medical alert (diabetes and epilepsy) and medical detection (such as detecting cancer cells in humans...WOW!)

This 6 week UK Sniffer Dogs course aims to give you, as owners, the skills to train and take part in scent training activities with your own pet dogs (just like the working scent detection dogs!)

Bronze and Silver classes are available on Saturday mornings at Anderton Memorial Hall. For availability and to book please follow the link:


Canine Hoopers Foundation Course


Canine Hoopers is another follow on class and is a fun, low impact sport for you and your dog to enjoy. Courses are free flowing with no jumps or tight turns, which means it is suitable and safe for growing puppies! In fact, it's one of few breed inclusive dog sports; the large sized tunnels and hoops make it suitable for dogs of all shapes and sizes, including giant breeds! It's also great for dogs who have had previous medical injuries (such as tri-paws) due to the safe non-slip equipment.

I am an accredited Canine Hoopers UK instructor and will be offering foundation and bronze classes for this exciting new sport!